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Scumble - Interview with Ingrid Law

Hi everyone! This is Summer Oh again with another interview for the Inkpot. Today I get to share with you one of my absolute favorite author’s new book Scumble. I did an interview with the amazing Ingrid Law for her first book Savvy on my Mom’s blog 2 years ago. So when I found out Scumble was coming out, I begged my Mom to let me interview Ms. Law again. I loved Savvy so much that I have an autographed copy of the poster hanging in my room. See!


My best friend and I even made up a Savvy board game all on our own but my sisters lost all the pieces. As you can see, Savvy is one of my favorite books. 

Scumble is not a sequel but a companion book that is also about savvies, which are amazing magical talents. Savvy was about Mibs Beaumont while Scumble is about her cousins, particularly Ledge Kale, who has a very powerful savvy.


Summer - Hi Ms. Law! Thank you for letting me interview you again. I loved Scumble just as much as Savvy! Although I really missed seeing more of Mibs. Why did you choose to write about Ledge’s story instead of continuing with Mib’s?

Ms. Law - Hi Summer, I’m so happy you loved Scumble! The most important reason I chose to switch to a new point of view is that these stories are about the process of growing up and I felt that Mibs had already learned what she needed to understand most about growing up in Savvy. I wanted to look at the idea of a ‘savvy’ birthday from a new perspective. Everyone faces challenges as they move from childhood into the teen years. A savvy talent can, in many respects, be seen at as a metaphor for those challenges. I always knew that some readers would miss Mibs, but as a storyteller I wanted to explore a new character as I expanded on the savvy family. And, after writing him for over two years, I practically love Ledge like he’s my own child.


Summer - Well I loved Ledge’s savvy. I thought it was really cool how he started out thinking it was bad and then came to realize he’d been wrong about it. How’d you come up with his savvy? 

Ms. Law - I knew from the beginning that I wanted to write about a character who made things fall apart. I think many, many people can relate to the feeling of life falling apart at some point or another. Again, I think in metaphors a lot!

Summer - Speaking of things falling apart, I nearly cried when Grandma Dollop’s jars got destroyed. I felt like I couldn’t forgive Ledge for that myself even though it was an accident. But of course I did! Ledge is cool. What I loved about your books is that everyone has such different savvies. Can savvy’s repeat or are they always completely unique?

Ms. Law - Interesting question! I think that certain talents could run in families (Fish and Rocket are both stormy guys, after all). In the origin story I wrote several years ago (which is woven into Scumble but can be found in full at: http://us.penguingroup.com/static/packages/us/yreaders/savvy/savvy_exc_orig_01.php ) one of the distant ancestors had an insect-related savvy similar to Uncle Autry’s. But then there are always those family members who are totally unique, just like in any family.

Summer - What about writing Scumble was different from writing Savvy? Was it easier, harder, the same?

Ms. Law - Scumble was harder and took longer. It’s actually a much more layered story. But it was also different because nobody was watching when I wrote Savvy, while there was a lot of anticipation while I was writing Scumble. I felt like I had a lot to live up to! Receiving the Newbery Honor for Savvy while I was in the middle of writing Scumble was really exciting, but also increased the pressure. I’m grateful for the award, of course. But it really pushed me to write the very best companion book I could.

Summer - You totally deserve that award! So we can see that in Ledge, his powerful savvy makes him all itchy when it needs to be released. Is that how it is for all savvies or just the really powerful ones?

Ms. Law - I don’t think any of the characters feel particularly comfortable when their savvy talent first strikes. Change is hard. But the type of discomfort a savvy might cause can certainly differ.

Summer - Why do some people have more powerful savvies? 

Ms. Law - All the savvies are powerful in their own way. Some are more externally powerful—more visual or more destructive, like Ledge’s. While others are quieter or more internal, but still fairly intense. I tried to make each savvy reflect the personality of the character.

Summer - I can totally see that! I loved Grandpa Bomba. He was one of my favorites. Who is your favorite character out of both of your books? 

Ms. Law - I am torn, of course, because I created them all… so I love them all! But I do have a special fondness for Samson. I think there’s more to share about him yet. We’ll see.

Summer – Oh yeah! Samson has such a cool savvy! Will you write another book about savvies? What is your next book about? When can I read it?

Ms. Law - I have ideas for more ‘savvy’ books, but am dabbling with several different story ideas right now. I don’t share too much about new stories when they are in the early stages. If I do, sometimes I lose interest—lose the fire that drives me to write. I write the best when a story is pushing on my brain, demanding to get out. If I tell people about it too soon, that energy and drive dissipates and I lose steam. So… I guess for now what I’m working on is secret. Shh! Author working!

Summer – That’s so cool! I can’t wait to read more books from you. Thanks again for letting me interview you and writing such an awesome book!

That's my interview. Hope you like it! So go out and read Scumble cause it rocks!


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